Club Evolution

Club Evolution is ONE OF THE FEW…which doesn’t take away from its greatness, LGBTQIA dance club in New York City! We opened up close to 20 years ago, but every 5 years our club gets a complete upgrade, which is a great part of our success!

Each night hosts a different DJ or Video DJ, playing the latest pop and house remixes, with hip-hop, Salsa, Meregue, Bachata, and Regaetton! This makes the club ever so popular with Latin Men and those who love them! The main room boast a 500 square foot dance floor, and 15,000 watts of the clearest sound! The main room also has 6 televisions and 2 projection TVs, plus 40 FREE cell phone USB charging outlets at the bar and tables. The bar area and VIP Party Room have a separate sound level so you can meet someone and still be able to hear their sweet words! We are known to have the best prices and the friendliest (plus HOTTEST) staff in New York City! Although the clientele is mostly male, we are an ALL-INCLUSIVE club and encourage you to bring your lesbian bestie, or that straight girlfriend who loves to party and see hot men at their best! Come and enjoy staff service at its highest level, feel the euphoria of the dance floor and the MAGIC of the DJ’s mixes!


Established in 1998.

We have been in business over 20 years serving the LGBTQIA community of New York City. Our staff is very friendly, and bilingual. We feature different DJs each night of the week. Our best night of course is Saturday night with our Revolution Dance Party.  We have two sections and each has its own sound and dance floor.  There is a section with a bar dedicated to our lesbian clientele.  We have two VIP areas, and four bathrooms. Drinks range from $8-$10 max.  Beers are $7.  Fridays and Mondays are our second best nights!  Our incredible Friday Karaoke Happy Hour Party Is Packed with $4-$8 drinks and $4-$5 beers till 11pm.  Sunday boasts a bingo with many
PRIZE$!  Our Wonderful Staff, Impeccable Service and Incredible Sound System is why we are going on to our 21st year!


Square Feet Of Partying


Mega Dancefloors





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